[PATCH] Generalize BAD_MAGIC usage so it will apply to UFS1 too

Xin LI delphij at frontfree.net
Wed Aug 18 09:13:45 PDT 2004

Hi Scott,

Sorry for the late response.  My mail server has experienced a hardware
problem and I lost all mails on it.

> I like the idea of this patch, but I really hate messing around in the
> filesystem right before a release.  Have you sent this directly to Kirk
> McKusick and Tor Egge?

I have sent the patch to Wes Peters (the author of BAD UFS flag) and Kirk
about half year ago.  Wes has told me that he has glanced at the code but
got no chance to test it (in a private mail, or somewhere in current@,
I can't remember it correctly).

While this patch was throughly tested (as it lived in my local repository
for a long time, and was deployed in many situations), I'd admit that it
is good not to mess with filesystem at this point.  This is just a ``heads-up''
for the release engineering team, as I forgot to mention the patch earlier,

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