"sanitizing" disks: wiping swap, non-allocated space, and file-tails

David Kreil kreil at ebi.ac.uk
Fri Aug 13 21:57:48 PDT 2004

Dear Allan,

I finally got my hardware (RAID trouble) back working so I can now get back to 
my original attempt of securing storage.

> > Thanks for pointing this out. The Handbook describes a basic gdbe setup
> > but mentions that getting other volumes (like /home) onto a gdbe partition
> > was trickier. Can you tell me which volumes you have successfully put onto
> > a gdbe partition and what was required to get this working?
> I currently don't use the default script and have tested various
> configurations.  On all systems I've had /home partitioned separate
> to /usr which is a simple case of changing your /etc/fstab to the
> corresponding bde devices and setting the noauto flag, pass# to 0
> so as not to attempt filesystem check before attach:
> ..
> /dev/ar0g               /usr            ufs     rw              2       2
> /dev/ar0h.bde           /home           ufs     rw,noauto       2       0
> ..
> > I wonder, in particular, what issues I have to expect in wanting to keep
> > system relevant directories like /var on a gdbe partition.
> The gbde attach should occur early enough during multiuser startup to avoid
> such problems, I don't recall if the provided rc script would be sufficient,
> I'll test a configuration soon, or let me know if you have any luck.

Have you yet had a chance to give it a try?

I noticed that there have been additions to the rc.d script, like 
"gbde_swap_enable". Would you know whether, if I used the rc.d approach, 
whether that will that be early enough that I can have /var encrypted?
Else, how/where should I otherwise link in (as early as possible but after the 
non-US keyboard support has loaded)?

> There are several approaches to securing /etc, but I can elaborate
> more after further testing.  The short term approach is not storing
> private keys, etc. on an unencrypted root.  Support for encrypted
> root is possible w/ some work, but there are a few issues to sort
> out first.

Do I need an encrypted root? What would be the main benefit of this?

I think I'd need an encrypted /var (as it holds logs, mail&printer spool, 
...), and possibly /etc/ssh/ - any other sensitive system areas (besides swap).

Where do you stand now with your setup? I'd be grateful to learn from your 

With many thanks again for your help,


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