How to Resize FreeBSD Partition?

Adam Retter adam at
Mon Apr 26 03:09:36 PDT 2004

I could do with some help learning how to resize my freebsd partition.
Ive looked on the web and been to #freebsdhelp of EfNet but so far
havent found anything usefull.

My workstation has a 20GB IDE Drive (ad0) which is split like this -

Partition 1 (ad0s1) = Win98-SE (FAT32) 4GB / sysid=11
Partition 2 (ad0s2) = FreeBSD 6.471 GB / sysid=165
Partition 3 (ad0s3) = WinXP-Pro (NTFS) 6GB
Unpartitioned Space = 2GB

My FreeBSD partition has the following labels -

ad0s2a = / 	(126MB)
ad0s2f = /tmp 	(252MB)
ad0s2g = /usr 	(4.6GB)
ad0s2e = /var	(252MB)
procfs = /proc	(4.0KB)

Now my question is this - 
1) How can I resize the FreeBSD partition ad0s2 to incorporate the 2GB
of currently unpartitioned space?
2) How can I then resize my /usr label (ad0s2g) from 4.6GB to
4.6GB+2GB=6.6GB, i.e. to use this new 2GB of space?

BTW - My System is FreeBSD 4.9-RELEASE on i386.

Thanks very much -

Adam Retter

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