mv & NFS problem..

Terry Lambert tlambert2 at
Fri Sep 26 10:41:53 PDT 2003

Stefan Moro wrote:
> Hello..
> I'm running FreeBSD 5.1 on a computer configured as an nfs-client and
> freebsd4.8 on a computer configured as an nfs-server. When I try to move
> something from the client to a partition on the server mounted on the
> client in fstab using mv the client crashes. The server should be working
> fine since there is no problem when using mv from a FreeBSD4.8 client to
> the server.
> Using mv from the server to the client works fine..

What happens if you use "cp" or "dd" instead to copy the file
from the client to the server?  There are some very different
code paths that get exercised by the 3, and it would be useful
to know whether it's the explicit write path, the page fault
write path, the explicit read path, the page fault read path,
or some combination of the 4 that result in the error.

Using the 'cp' and 'dd' approach, you would eliminate/implicate
3 of the code paths (given your existing results with 'mv').

-- Terry

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