NFS incorrectly update atime

Rong-en Fan rafan at
Thu Sep 25 05:20:06 PDT 2003

In article <bkt80i$jou$1 at> you wrote:
>>   it only occur when file is not empty, also i've noticed that
> I think the client just does a read as part of a read-modify-write.
> It works with blocks, so it must do a read before write in all cases where
> the write is not on a block boundary, and at least FreeBSD ffs servers
> have no way to avoid updating the atime on read short of a global mount
> -noatime.  Some of the reads, including ones from small test files in your
> example, may be from a client cache, so the atime update might be avoided
> accidentally, but a read will always be necessay if the cache is cold.

My application is NFS mail spool, so atime is important to me. 
I've tested it on Linux client, it's atime not updated in this case.
So, I don't know if we can fix this or any workaround?

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