clean/dirty queue mixup

Vinod R. Kashyap vinodrk at
Wed Oct 1 12:09:08 PDT 2003

I am running some file I/O (multiple 'cp -R x/* y') on a kernel built out of
FreeBSD 4.8 RELEASE sources (with SMP and APIC_IO turned on),
when I see the following panic, anywhere between 0.5 - 15 hours after start:
panic:  softdep_deallocate_dependencies: dangling deps
mp_lock = 01000001; cpuid = 1; lapic_id = 06000000
(the I/O is running on a system with a dual Xeon motherboard)

I recompiled the kernel with INVARIANTS & INVARIANT_SUPPORT on,
and now see the following panic:
panic:  getnewbuf:  inconsistant queue 2 bp 0xcc94b564
mp_lock = 01000001; cpuid = 1;  lapic_id = 06000000

In getnewbuf (in kern/vfs_bio.c), bufqueues[QUEUE_EMPTYKVA] seems to have
run out of buffers, and so, a buffer is gotten out of 
The problem is that this buffer has its b_qindex set to 3 (QUEUE_DIRTY), 
of 2 (QUEUE_CLEAN).  It also has b_flags set to B_DELWRI, and b_xflags set 
BX_VNDIRTY. bp->b_dep is non-NULL, and points to a work item with
wk_type=0x5 (D_INDIRDEP) and wk_state=0x8001 (VONWORKLIST | ATTACHED).
I noticed that at least the first 5 buffers in the CLEAN queue had their 
b_qindex set
to 3 (DIRTY).

I noticed something that could potentially be causing this (I might be way 
off here...):
When a low level device driver calls biodone(), if bp->b_dep is non-NULL,
(*bioops.io_complete)/softdep_disk_write_complete gets called, which, in 
the work item is of type D_INDIRDEP, unconditionally puts it back into the 
queue, and marks it dirty.  On return from this call, it looks like biodone 
goes ahead
and frees the buffer with the dirty flags still set, and b_dep non-NULL.  Is 
this the
cause by any chance?  Can anyone please help?

I have attached some more information from gdb.  I can send the core-dump to
anyone who might be interested.



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