Compressed filesystem for FreeBSD

Sergei Mozhaisky technix at
Wed Nov 19 02:53:22 PST 2003

Hello everyone.

I am searching for compressed filesystem for FreeBSD.

Why do I need compressed filesystem? I am developer of FreeBSD-based
LiveCD, and the main problem of liveCD is loading speed - it's too
slow, comparing with Knoppix or other Linux LiveCD. Usage of
compressed filesystem will improve software loading speed and allow to
put more software to CD.

I found info about project "FiST" in freebsd-fs archives, this is
almost what I need:
But gzipfs module does not compile in FreeBSD (developers said that
size-changing algoritm they used currently works only in Linux)

So the question is simple: is there any implementations of compressed
filesystems for FreeBSD (even as unofficial projects)? This will help
a lot in such projects as FreeBSD-based LiveCD.

Best regards,                   [  ]
Mozhaisky Sergei (techniX)      [ ]    

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