Brooks Davis brooks at one-eyed-alien.net
Fri Jun 6 16:52:52 PDT 2003

Does anyone know of any efforts to reimplement IFS on UFS2 or have a
good idea how much work it would be?  I'm wondering because we have an
application where where a fully current UFS2 based IFS is close to a
perfect fit.  The application is the Storage Resource Broker which uses
a relational database to store metadata indexing for files in a variety
of storage methods.  The main online storage method uses the usual trick
of hashing into directories.  We should be able to get by with that, but
IFS seems like a much better fit.

This year we're buying about 12TB of storage that I'm going to be
running FreeBSD on (4U, 16 drive IDE systems).  Next year, we hope to
buy 160TB and the final project will us on the order of 2PB of NASA
satellite data and processed data products.  Fortunatly for us, most
files are big (about 1GB).

-- Brooks

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