/dev/raw1394 and FreeBSD 5.3

TorbenSørensen ts at interactive.as
Fri Nov 19 04:04:09 PST 2004


I have a Sony miniDV camera and want to grab movie from the camera (works
with "> fwcontrol -R moviename.dv"), burn the movie to a DVD, take the DVD
disc and put it in my DVD-player and watch it on the tv.

I can capture the movie using "> fwcontrol -R moviename.dv" and watch it on
my monitor but cant convert it to mpeg.
I've installed Kino but it will only capture from /dev/raw1394 - I don't
have a /dev/raw1394.

My questions are:

How can I mount my firewire to /dev/raw1394?
And will it work?
Has anyone ever made a DVD movie from a captured DV using fwcontrol -R
name.dv ?
If yes... how?

OS = FreeBSD 5.3

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