Announcing the 'FreeBSD Community Process'

Roger Pau Monné royger at
Tue Jun 20 09:55:39 UTC 2017

On Wed, Jun 14, 2017 at 07:53:47AM +0100, FreeBSD Core Secretary wrote:
> This is a working document and subject to change.  We will be applying
> the FCP process as far as possible to fcp-0000 itself: this message
> counts as the formal announcement on the fcp at mailing list
> placing fcp-0000 into 'feedback' status.  Your contributions are
> welcome, by email to the fcp at mailing list, or by submitting
> issues or pull requests, or by annotating the document text
> through GitHub.

Why is the master repository hosted on github?

I think it's fine to have mirrors on github, but I don't fancy at all
having the master repository hosted there. FreeBSD has AFAIK always
hosted it's repositories on self managed infrastructure, and IMHO we
should continue to do so.


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