Announcing the 'FreeBSD Community Process'

FreeBSD Core Secretary core-secretary at
Wed Jun 14 06:54:00 UTC 2017

Dear all,

Core has just presented their ideas for a new 'FreeBSD Community
Process' at BSDCan.  This will provide a more formalized mechanism for
proposing and deciding on important or contentious changes within the
Project.  The idea is to avoid discussions degenerating into an
interminable argument on the mailing lists with ultimately no action
being taken.

The FCP process is modelled on similar ideas in other projects,
particularly the Python Enhancement Process
(, the Joyent RFD Process
(, and even the
venerable IETF RFC Process

In summary, anyone wanting to make a change that will result in a
non-trivial effect on the FreeBSD User Base, (or retrospectively anyone
having backed out a change after running into contention over something
that turned out less trivial than they anticipated), should write down
what they propose to change, describing what problem they are trying to
solve, how they propose to solve it and what consequential impact this
will have.  Contact the fcp-editors@ mailing list for assistance in
getting your proposal into releasable state. The document is then added
to the FCP index, committed into the FCP repository and published for
discussion.  Each FCP proposal is a living document and will be updated
to reflect any conclusions resulting during the discussion.

Once consensus has been achieved, or the discussion has gone on for
enough time, Core will vote on accepting the FCP.  Core will be voting
according to the mood of the discussion around the proposal.

The current state of -- the document that defines the FCP
process -- can be viewed at

This is a working document and subject to change.  We will be applying
the FCP process as far as possible to fcp-0000 itself: this message
counts as the formal announcement on the fcp at mailing list
placing fcp-0000 into 'feedback' status.  Your contributions are
welcome, by email to the fcp at mailing list, or by submitting
issues or pull requests, or by annotating the document text
through GitHub.

For help with generating a new FCP document and discussion around the
FCP process please join the fcp-editors at mailing list.



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