E on FreeBSD: [Bug 245594] devel/efl: Update to 1.23.3

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Fri May 15 11:54:31 UTC 2020


--- Comment #33 from Tomasz "CeDeROM" CEDRO <tomek at cedro.info> ---
Here you go Sir :-)


I have created a dedicated branch `enlightenment` to work only on those files
of interest on that quite heavy repository :-)

Please note that:
* We need to clarify optimal defaults for meson build. They later impact
applications like Terminology. has no input, dialogs does not display images or
paths, etc. Current meson options are still a mess and does not really reflect
the new way of configuration and this end up in bad system performance.
* Current formats loaders should probably become default as they cause problems
on displaying stuff when they are gone. Just need to see if stuff like XCF will
depend on whole GIMP. But this is the multimedia desktop wm so we just want all
things to work.

The best working EFL on my desktop is the one of the first patches I have
provided. The last one is terribly laggy, works slower than watching the stream
over the internet. Certainly a meson build options.

Thank you! :-)

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