E on FreeBSD: [Bug 245594] devel/efl: Update to 1.23.3

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Fri May 15 10:56:05 UTC 2020


--- Comment #31 from Tomasz "CeDeROM" CEDRO <tomek at cedro.info> ---
Hello Gleb, thank you for your support, its highly appreciated :-)

Here is the repo with port sources, please send me your gitlab username and I
will add you to the project :-)


The WL patch was sent by the upstream, that buffer value seems default, but we
can adapt it for better, I can see they sometimes take a shortcut, there are
some developers that use EFL+E on FreeBSD which is a bit sad they seem to
forget about FreeBSD Ports.

Yes its too much work for one step. I would suggest that we make it working,
then improve. Incremental development step by step.  1.23.3 fixes critical
screen freeze bug which was my main reason for port update. 1.24 is already out
but needs more upstream patches.

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