E on FreeBSD: maintainer-feedback requested: [Bug 251988] devel/efl: wayland support

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Sun Dec 20 14:45:31 UTC 2020

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Bug 251988: devel/efl: wayland support

--- Description ---
Hello world :-)

Here goes devel/efl (1.25.1) and x11-wm/enlightenment (0.24.2) work in progress
aimed at running on Wayland instead of X11 on FreeBSD. Two port files builds
fine finally (some Linux headers need to be included for EFL though).

However Enlightenment is hardwired internally to systemd and elogind therefore
so far it only works on Linux when it comes to Wayland. Alternative solution is
to use SeatD/WLroots and implement portable wayland backend to Enlightenment.


Best regards :-)

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