E on FreeBSD: enligthenment stopped working after pkg upgrade

Tomasz CEDRO tomek at cedro.info
Wed Dec 16 12:58:12 UTC 2020

Hello world :-)

After pkg upgrade around Sunday  and recent reboot my
x11-wm/Enligthenment stopped working correctly. It starts but hangs at
some point and it is unusable. I did fallback to xfce4 temporarily and
this one works with no problem.

Recompilation of devel/efl and x11-wm/enlightenment even
audio/pulseaudio does not help. I even updated devel/efl to latest
1.25.1 and it does not help either (except it reveals build problems
as jpg2k and avif seems to break their api).

Was there an update in some core services like syslog, dbus, xorg,
that could affect things?

Did anyone observe something similar?

Best regards :-)

CeDeROM, SQ7MHZ, http://www.tomek.cedro.info

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