E on FreeBSD: [Bug 245594] devel/efl: Update to 1.23.3

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Sun Apr 19 19:39:53 UTC 2020


--- Comment #10 from Tomasz "CeDeROM" CEDRO <tomek at cedro.info> ---
Yes, I am working on it right now and see how it works, the CONFIGURE_ON
applies both for Configure and Meson build systems but content of the options
is a bit different. First time using Meson. Compilation takes some time.. but I
can provide a work-in-progress if you like to take a look? :-)

Also I have question on how to easily _exclude_ things based on options? This
new EFL has options to exclude things - i.e. we have VLC, XINE, GST backends
and I should pass to meson which were not selected, comma separated. Can I
iterate anyhow on selected and empty options? :-)

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