E on FreeBSD: maintainer-feedback requested: [Bug 239474] x11/terminology: update to 1.5.0

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Sat Jul 27 09:19:37 UTC 2019

Bugzilla Automation <bugzilla at FreeBSD.org> has asked freebsd-enlightenment
mailing list <enlightenment at FreeBSD.org> for maintainer-feedback:
Bug 239474: x11/terminology: update to 1.5.0

--- Description ---
Update x11/terminology to 1.5.0

Terminology 1.5.0

Changes since 1.4.1:

    * Handle emoji has double-width character, introduced in Unicode 9.0.
    * Add option "Treat Emojis as double-width characters", on by default.
    * Hide cursor when idle, with parameter to set idle time
    * Add papercolor theme

    * Themes can now set background color through a color-class
    * Handle OSC-11 to report background color
    * Update Italian and French translations

    * Fix initial window size hints
    * Fix focus issues

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