E on FreeBSD: Enlightenment-0.22.4 port

Grzgorz Blach grzegorz at blach.pl
Sun Jan 20 21:49:45 UTC 2019

Both ecore-audio and edje are parts of devel/efl port. Probably you have 
disabled support for pulse-audio in devel/efl.

On 18/01/2019 14:44, Lukas Reiss wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been attempting to compile this port but have had some issues. 
> Originally it complained about not being able to find doxygen so I 
> compiled this manually which solved the issue. Now it complains about 
> not finding ecore-audio, required by edje, which I can't find in the 
> ports collection.
> I attached the requested info but let me know if more is needed.
> Thank you,
> Lukas
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