E on FreeBSD: maintainer-feedback requested: [Bug 219676] x11-wm/enlightenment freeze - Nvidia Module

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Wed May 31 09:44:18 UTC 2017

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Bug 219676: x11-wm/enlightenment freeze - Nvidia Module

--- Description ---
Sorry for the bad English, I'm using google translator.
I'm having some problems with the graphical interface Enlightenment, eventually
it freezes in what I could observe, every time I run Alt + F2 calling it
constantly the problem happens.
I've updated to the latest version, removed all the ports and installed again,
reinstalled the system from scratch and the problem happens, another detail I
noticed is that only occurs when I'm using the proprietary Nvidia modules.
Follow the system information, what you need information is just request that I
make available.

root at matilda:/home/NoRm4nD # uname -a 
FreeBSD matilda.underground 11.0-STABLE FreeBSD 11.0-STABLE #8 r310546M: Thu
Jan  5 10:43:38 BRST 2017    
root at matilda.underground:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/MATILDA  amd64
root at matilda:/home/NoRm4nD #

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