E on FreeBSD: maintainer-feedback requested: [Bug 204820] [BUG] x11-toolkits/elementary v1.16.0 build issue

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Bug 204820: [BUG] x11-toolkits/elementary v1.16.0 build issue

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console log from port build

Port x11-toolkits/elementary does not build after upgrade of port to v1.16.0.
Building stops after printing message
EDJ test_focus_style.edj
and does not react anymore. After waiting a few hours I stopped the hanging
build process.
Behavior is reproduceable by trying to build the port on AMD64 platform.

Used FreeBSD version is 10.2-RELEASE-p6 & 10.2-RELEASE-p7.

See attached logfile for details.
The final messages are related to the fact that I had to break up the building

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