FreeBSD/i386 guests using excessive host CPU

Peter Jeremy peter at
Wed Jan 23 11:22:08 UTC 2013

[sorry for the delay]
On 2012-Dec-12 19:15:34 +0000, Martin Simmons <martin at> wrote:
>>>>>> On Wed, 12 Dec 2012 12:43:36 +1100, Peter Jeremy said:
>> My VPS provider will not offer 32-bit FreeBSD guests because they use
>> excessive (ESXi) host CPU time.  I have done some experiments using
>> VirtualBox on my FreeBSD/amd64 8-stable host and see the same.
>I can't repeat that with idle FreeBSD 8.0 guests running in VirtualBox 4.1.18
>on Linux kernel  In fact, the 64-bit one uses 4.8%
>of the CPU whereas the 32-bit one uses 4.2% (according to ps "bsdtime"
>measured over 1000 seconds).

I repeated the test and couldn't reproduce my results - I wound up
with results more like yours.  I'm still trying to work out what would
cause the change.

Peter Jeremy
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