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> This also costed me few hours googling and few recompiles to find this:
> and this

Thanks for these excelent pointers. Just what I needed.

A small recap for future googlers

VNC implementation is changed from 4.1 to 4.2. No more --vnc option in 4.2.

to enable VNC in 4.2, stil check the VNC option in "make config"
before building the port, and then do (for a vm called test1):

VBoxManage setproperty vrdeextpack VNC

VBoxManage modifyvm test1 --vrdeproperty VNCPassword=somepass
VBoxManage modifyvm test1 --vrdeauthlibrary null
VBoxManage modifyvm test1 --vrdeport 5901
VBoxHeadless --startvm test1

if moving from a 4.1 installation and using the rc.conf way of
starting vms, remove the "--vnc --vncport 5901 --vncpass=somepass"
from vboxheadless_test1_flags

getting rid of the --vncpass option was nice. Everyone with access to
ps could see the password. Now the cleartext password is stored in the
test1.vbox control file (with -rw------- rights)

some google bait: FreeBSD Virtualbox 4.2 VNC howto enable vnc console headless

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