Debugging a linux application and library in freebsd

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Fri Jan 4 17:22:17 UTC 2013


On 01/04/13 15:29, Mateusz Guzik wrote:

> Afair linuxolator on amd64 does not support ptrace, therefore no gdb for
> you.

OK. Thank you. Does this mean in reverse that a i386 FreeBSD would support it?

> However if this is still about
> I don't think you need
> it at this stage. You should be able to easly decipher arguments in
> socketcall and check what these mean in Linux kernel. Also reading glibc
> sources may be helpful.

Yes - it is still about that and I just did what you suggested. I gonna
write another message to the mailinglist about that.

Best regards,
 Martin Laabs

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