Debugging a linux application and library in freebsd

Martin Laabs mailinglists at
Fri Jan 4 13:28:47 UTC 2013


I'm currently searching a bug in the linuxulator concerning a libc
function. Therefore it would be very helpful using gdb to trace the program
not only instruction for instruction but also with the source code and full
Building the linux binary that reproduce the bug is done in a VM running an
somewhat old debian. Building it with debugging symbols is also no problem.
I could also imagine to build the libc with debugging symbols (if not
available in some binary packages)
Would you suggest to do this with a cross compiler under the linuxulator
enviroment or in the debian VM?

But anyway - the native gdb does not support linux binaries very well. So
did anyone tried to run a linux gdb inside the linuxulator enviroment to
trace the bug down into the library? Obviously the linux gdb does not know
anything about the linux-call translation but this should be transparent to it.

Thank you,
 Martin Laabs

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