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Bernhard Froehlich decke at
Tue Dec 20 12:42:05 UTC 2011

Hi VirtualBox Testers!

I think it's the right time now to announce that the virtualbox 
repository that a few of you were using moved to a new location.

That is because in the last few months I was heavily working on a new
FreeBSD port building cluster called which is also the
new environment where I usually build test all virtualbox versions and
the new home of VirtualBox for FreeBSD. is the successor
of the blueports repository but the history was migrated so nothing is

Since last week I am back to my usual virtualbox work and have already
pushed a few very interesting patches from Andriy Gapon and Ed Schouten
upstream. All ports are at their latest available versions now so we
are _not_ lagging behind in the development repository. I just do not
want to push those versions in the tree before 9.0-RELEASE is out the
door. So I am currently waiting for 9.0 to be released and then I will
update our virtualbox-ose ports to 4.1.8 and virtualbox-ose-legacy to

If you want to test the latest versions have a look at the new 

- virtualbox-ose 4.1.8 (0 days old)
- virtualbox-ose-devel 4.1.51r39575 (10 days old)
- virtualbox-ose-legacy 4.0.14 (2 months old)
- phpvirtualbox 4.1-5 (1 month old)

Keep in mind that you need to update devel/kBuild first to compile the
newer virtualbox versions. Latest kBuild is also included in the

For support the IRC channel and mailinglist are still the same :o)


IRC: #fbsd-mentors on

freebsd-emulation (at)

vbox (at)

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SVN Checkout:
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tar Archive of repository:

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Bernhard Froehlich

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