[WIP] wine/i386 on FreeBSD/amd64

Ivan Voras ivoras at freebsd.org
Sat Dec 12 23:59:07 UTC 2009

David Naylor wrote:
> Hi,
> I have developed a port that allows wine to be installed as a package under 
> FreeBSD/amd64.  This avoids having a i386 chroot environment (and is much 
> easier to setup, once the package is built).  
> To get this working apply the attached patch and build the emulators/wine-
> amd64 port under FreeBSD/i386 then transfer that package to the amd64 host:
> (On FreeBSD/i386)
> # cd /usr/ports/emulators
> # patch < /tmp/wine-amd64.diff
> # cd wine-amd64
> # make package clean
> (On FreeBSD/amd64)
> # pkg_add wine-amd64-8-1.1.34,1.tbz
> I have such a package for FreeBSD-8 if anyone is willing to host it.  

I'd like to use Wine on AMD64 but the number of i386 hosts I can build 
it is less and less every day :)

Hosting a port *somewhere* would also speed things up for other people. 
I could host it at people.freebsd.org (unless I get an objection it's 
not appropriate) at least temporary. Contact me in private if you're 

> There are a few TODO items (port options not supported).  Any 
> comments/suggestions are welcome.  

You've tested it? I'm somewhere around "if it works, that's enough" 
stage of dealing with ports.

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