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 Le 14/10/2006 à 11:08:15+0200, Marc Fonvieille a écrit

Sorry for delay. I'm little busy...

> Since you run both Maple and Matlab, could you please proofread the
> current Handbook sections:
> and
> and tell me if there is any error or wrong thing in the text.  We need

No error but some details :

Maple run until version 9.5.

A tip : If you want the maple launch more quickly you can type

	xmaple -cw

but this is independant of FreeBSD. On FreeBSD with this option it's more
stable (because it's old interface, not the new one write on Java).

With Maple 10 the software don't work. The interface can be launch but the
kernel (of maple) don't run.

For Matlab.

With the new emulation (since 6.x I think) there not need to use FreeBSD
native JDK. The emulation mode work fine. It's same thing for matlab
shutdown. The not need anymore.

One tip : For launch script I use 

/compat/linux/bin/sh /usr/local/matlab/bin/matlab -arch=glnx86 > /dev/null 2>&1

The last version work fine.

One thing very strange, but I don't known if the problem is with matlab,
FreeBSD, Linux-Emulation, but if I make a KDE icon on KDE with matlab it's
don't work. When we click on this icon we got the splashscreen, after some
time the splashscreen gone...and matlab too. 

If you launch Matlab on shell everthing work fine.

> the feedback from user like you to maintain these sections.


Sorry my english is very bad I can't help you to modify the web page.


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