Latest linux-compat src patch

Tijl Coosemans tijl at
Thu Oct 19 05:13:29 PDT 2006

>>> something. More specifically: I was running the teamspeak port (in
>>> audio/teamspeak_server) which worked fine before the recent changes
>>> to current. However after building a new kernel it has stopped
>>> working.
>> What does this mean? Are there error messages (either from the
>> binary itself or on the console), or does it coredump? Please
>> describe this more, does it start and you can't use it, or doesn't
>> it start at all?
> It tries to start the server but it displays some internal error
> message from the server binary itself. This is what it outputs in the
> console:
> Error, Either an old instance of teamspeak is still running, or
>       an other application is using the tcpquery port!
> Error, Server was not started!

I don't know if this is related, but linux-firefox and linux-opera
stopped working as well. They freeze whenever I try to open a webpage.

I don't really have time to investigate this further, just letting you

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