Linux & Maple

Divacky Roman xdivac02 at
Tue Oct 10 13:50:32 PDT 2006

On Tue, Oct 10, 2006 at 01:07:21PM +0200, Tijl Coosemans wrote:
> On Tuesday 10 October 2006 10:35, Alexander Leidinger wrote:
> > Now, the interesting question is: what kernel API changed between  
> > 2.4.2 and 2.4.20, and do we support it?
> I think the answer to that is no. The changes appear to be threading
> related. I'm guessing here, but I wouldn't be surprised if 2.4.20
> introduced NPTL support.

I dont think such a big change as NPTL is introduced in the middle of
stable branch. not even in linux ;)

I agree that its threading related but not NPTL

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