Survey on Video Capture API: BSD meteor(4) vs. Video for Linux 1/2

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Wed Oct 4 09:28:50 PDT 2006

If I would code to enhance video capture support for FreeBSD, what video
capture API do you prefer? Your choices:

1. BSD Brooktree 848 (See bktr(4) and meteor(4))

This is *BSD-specific video capture API. So far only Brooktree
(Conexant) 848/878 chip is supported by *BSD. Thus, actually this API
is BT848/878-specific.

2. Video for Linux 1/2 (See
These are the video capture APIs for Linux. There are two versions:
V4L and V4L2. Supported hardware list:    (V4L2 mainly)           (V4L)

MPlayer supports both kinds of API's. But to gain Linux binary
compatibility for FreeBSD, V4L/V4L2 must be introduced to FreeBSD.

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