patch for libs/wine/mmap.c making wine running on FreeBSD 5.x

jean-marc DETREZ jm.detrez at
Wed Jul 27 21:20:36 GMT 2005


I'm currently testing a patch I've made for unbreaking wine (20050725) on
FreeBSD.I'ts seems that like other OS a call to mmap() return not always the
desired address range.


For NetBSD it appears that a special function was compiled "try_mmap_fixed"
who call mmap with MAP_FIXED after verifying that the memory address is


I'm use this function to Create Heap System at base address 0x80000000 , I
didn't always use that function for all calls to mmap because it seems that
cause performance issues.


  I made a little correction of  "try_mmap_fixed" because it's seems to me
that the function didn't really test the result (vec).


I've some feedbacks from users who could run wine on BSD with that patch.




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