maintainer-feedback requested: [Bug 236094] sysutils/beats: fails to build with Go 1.12

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Wed Feb 27 23:27:26 UTC 2019

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Bug 236094: sysutils/beats: fails to build with Go 1.12

--- Description ---
Poudriere log shows:

=======================<phase: build	      >============================
===>  Building for beats-6.4.2
gmake[1]: Entering directory
sh: [[: not found
sh: filebeat: not found
go build 
cannot use dev (type int) as type uint64 in argument to syscall.Mknod
gmake[1]: *** [../libbeat/scripts/Makefile:99: filebeat] Error 2
gmake[1]: Leaving directory
*** Error code 2

make: stopped in /usr/ports/sysutils/beats
build of sysutils/beats | beats-6.4.2 ended at Wed Feb 27 17:42:31 EST 2019
build time: 00:00:22
!!! build failure encountered !!!

Downgrading Go to the previous version, i.e., 1.11.5,1, worked around the
problem for me.

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