eclipse 3.2.2

Rick C. Petty rick-freebsd at
Tue Apr 3 23:59:29 UTC 2007


I noticed that Tom McLaughlin recently submitted a patch to update our
eclipse port to 3.2.2, but I didn't notice this until after I did the
work myself.  My copy (attached) does include the file:


Instead of attaching a diff, I'm attaching a tarball of the eclipse ports
directory I used to build the port.  I just built mine off the current
3.2.1_1 port, fixing up the patches as necessary (5 patch files were

Somebody, please update the java/eclipse port, using my or Tom's patches.
It's over six months old!

Also since java/eclipse-devel is so outdated it should either be removed
or I can work on getting S-3.3M6-200703231616 ported.  Let me know,


-- Rick C. Petty

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