SDHCI Device Driver (first steps)

Marian Asokarajan mail at
Mon Sep 18 01:20:57 PDT 2006


I'm trying to write an universal SD Host-Controller Device Driver,
which I'd like to contribute to the FreeBSD community.
So far the driver is able to recognize SD card insertion and removal.
Via a device node (/dev/sdhci0), it's also possible to dump
the SDHC's register set.

Could someone please help testing the code ?
The kernel module and sources can be download here:
* NOTE: The driver is experimental and might crash your system!

I'm developing it on an ASUS laptop with a RICOH chipset and
it's the only chipset (beside Texas Instruments) supported.
Therefore, it would be great to receive a "pciconf -lv" block
of other SD host controllers.

Thanks for your help.


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