[Bug 255340] rev(1): Adding "See also" for sort -r and tail -r

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Tue May 11 15:52:41 UTC 2021


--- Comment #4 from Harald Schmalzbauer <bugzilla.freebsd at omnilan.de> ---
(In reply to Fernando Apesteguía from comment #3)
Thanks for your elaboration!

Now I remember the most confusing path: 'apropos reverse':
rev(1) - reverse lines of a file

I'm not native english speaker... to my understanding, this suggestes that the
lines itself will be reversed, not the characters of a line.

Of course, the man page makes that clear in the examples section, but to my
understanding this 'apropos reverse' result currently is misleading.

If 'apropos reverse' leads to tail(1) I'm completely fine.


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