[Bug 255340] rev(1): Adding "See also" for sort -r and tail -r

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Tue May 11 07:10:43 UTC 2021


--- Comment #2 from Harald Schmalzbauer <bugzilla.freebsd at omnilan.de> ---
Hi Fernando,

you are right that the functionality differs significantly.
But if I was sure which does what, I wouldn't need to consult man(1).

mount(8) has a reference to setfacl(1) e.g. and comm(1) has cmp(1) and diff(1)
in the SEE ALSO section.
These are functionality wise very different too.
SEE ALSO is meant to guide users into a possibly better matching direction,
which tail or sort (-r) might be if one confused the function of rev(1). At
least that's how I've been unsing the SEE ALSO section of FreeBSD's man pages,
and especially tail(1) was a nice hint for somebody looking for a  "|


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