[Bug 159099] [ioctl] ioctl SIOCGIFCONF does not export an array of struct ifreq

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            Summary|[ioctl] ioctl SIOCGIFCONF   |[ioctl] ioctl SIOCGIFCONF
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                   |which are blank             |struct ifreq
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--- Comment #4 from Brooks Davis <brooks at FreeBSD.org> ---
The documented behavior of SIOCGIFCONF is to write an array of struct ifreq. 
If all interface addresses (including link layer addresses) fit in struct
sockaddr's 14 bytes of sa_data this is true.  If any longer addresses exist
(e.g. IPv6 addresses) then the implementation writes out the ifr_name value
(16-bytes) followed by the sockaddr.  The next item follows the same rule.

Both the current implementation and tcpdump assume that there is no pad between
ifr_name and ifr_addr.  This assumption holds for all current architectures.

[I believe this is a documentation bug in both the comments and the manpages. 
Documentation should note the above issues and this this interface is

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