[Bug 226714] zfsboot(8) erroneously suggests creating a BSD label

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Wed Mar 28 05:11:22 UTC 2018


--- Comment #15 from Eugene Grosbein <eugen at freebsd.org> ---
(In reply to Warner Losh from comment #14)

> So I'm not so sure that's the bug.

I do not insist that's the bug, a mis-feature may be :-)

> So if we can't open the s1 device (which we prohibit currently), then we return. If we can't open the device, we should just not probe zfs on the slice, but we should probe it for the BSD partitions. That bug is easy enough to fix. The bug is here, not in libsa. It's behavior is working as designed. ptable_open should recurse properly though.

Not agreed. Perhaps, you missed the point: the problem manifests if 
there is a slice without real BSD label inside containing its own partition
table but ZFS pool and BSD label magic number in the second block.

Everyone that:

- tries to migrate from traditional UFS-only system having MBR+BSD label to
ZFS-only bootable pool,
- does "gpart destroy -F ada0" then re-creates MBR and slice having same
- installs boot code and creates ZFS pool without creating BSD label using
instructions from zfsboot(8) before my last change

will have mentioned ZFS pool without rea; BSD label inside but with its magic
number in the second block. Been there, seen that.

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