ULE scheduler documentation

Joe Berner stackyjoe at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 01:27:55 UTC 2018


I have been considering* trying write a 'fair scheduler' for the FreeBSD
kernel, however to do this I need to understand what's already there and
how it all works. Are there nice mid-level pieces of documentation of the
scheduler? If such documentation does not exist, is documentation on the
scheduler independently of interest to people?

As a related question, are there meaningful comparisons of different
scheduler algorithms in different real world scenarios? The closest I've
found is a paper of Abaffy-Krajčovič, however I'm not equipped to
understand whether their methodology is good or bad.

*: The more research I've done the less clear it is that ULE is
insufficient, so it's all sort of up in the air.


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