gnome3 and gdm in french

Fehmi Noyan ISI fnoyanisi at
Sun Dec 31 11:37:56 UTC 2017

Hi there,

FreeBSD comes with Gnome 3.18. Make sure that the keyboard layout you mentioned is included in that version of Gnome3.

Also, you may want to ask the same question in freebsd-gnome mailing list[1].

From: Nicolas SERIN <nserin.uniter at>
To: freebsd-doc at 
Sent: Sunday, December 31, 2017 11:04 PM
Subject: gnome3 and gdm in french


I'm new in freeBSD and I've some question without complete answer with 
your documentation and INTERNET.

I would like to have a AZERTY layout for GDM without configure xorg 

And gnome is not in french! How can I do that?

Best Regards
Nicolas SERIN


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