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Sat Apr 29 04:01:36 UTC 2017


 FreeBSD Foundation
Respected Sir,

This is an inquiry made by saraswati ashram a non-profit organization
located in dapodi city Pune of country INDIA. It is an orphanage home for
the   35 orphans, this organization laid on 12-12-1995 with the support of
the friends and well-wishers since last 17 years a consistent work is going
at here.
Visit to us: www.saraswatianathashram.org

As my long term experience of involvement with the orphan children, there
are the numbers of the problems in these areas, most of the children came
from the bottom line; and positively 95% families having a poor background,
they are powerless people and not able to provide a quality education for
their children so they send their children in these type of shelter homes.

It also find that there is a lake of qualified staff to and need of
training and education which will help this to improve the standard of
these shelter home projects. I have gone through website and get impressed
your works, as my long term experience of 17 years to running this project
there is need to sustainability of these type of project. There are so many
donors call to me about this questions, there are millions of orphans in
this country and the inputs are limited, so it is gets trouble for this
My request to you, if is there any possibilities to make any small fund for
this project.

Sincerly yours
Devidas Survase
Saraswati Anath Shikshan Ashram

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