Great Opportunities in 3D Printing: Ventura, CA (Retained Searches)

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New Exclusive Retained Searches from 
Wingate Dunross, Inc.

My new client in Ventura, CA has retained me on a set of exciting new searches in the field of 3D Printing, one of the hottest growth fields in the high-technology world.

Imagine a world where everybody can create.
Imagine the fastest and the most accurate 3D Printer.
Imagine a 3D Printer really easy-to-use.
A 3D Printer perfect for the industrial and professional users.
A 3D Printer driven by an Intelligent System, by a Cognitive System.
The Best Technology in The Best Design.
And now we need your help.

About My Client:
My Client is a 3D printing startup that integrates the latest exponential technologies in components, sensors, optical systems and chemistry to apply Moore’s Law to a new, proprietary 3D Printing technology. The result is a desktop, professional 3D Printer that takes 3D Printing from hours to minutes making it FASTER, with a LARGER build volume, at HIGHER resolutions and a LOWER cost. They're doing this with a user experience and a design oriented approach making their 3D technology elegant and compact.

Their 3D printer has been designed to offer the best and the smartest ultra-fast 3D Printing experience, from a clean cartridge system to a complete cognitive hardware and stand-alone technology that let users adopt this machine quickly in any kind of environment and for any type of usage.

(1) Chief Operating Officer (Ventura, CA)

The Chief Operating Officer position reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and is responsible and accountable for the planning, management, performance, and improvement of the company operational management and growth. The COO serves as a key member of the executive leadership team and represents the CEO and the Board in interactions with employees, customers, vendors, partners, and other organizations.

* Provides direction and leadership in the identification, development, and implementation of strategies, programs, ordinances, policies, decisions, assignments, and activities to ensure efficient and effective results.
* Provides direction and leadership to the company in its executions and alignments of the company strategic visions.
* Directs and evaluates the performance of organizational programs, and personnel; plans, organizes, oversees, authorizes, and coordinates departmental and corporate wide systems, routines, projects, assignments, and activities.
* Represents the company before various stakeholders (employees, customers, vendors, and partners).
* Performs human resource responsibilities in leading the acquisition and development of a diverse, inclusive, positive, high performing organization. Provide staff development opportunities; use performance management tools; coach and counsel employees and managers; and administer disciplinary action.
* Works closely with the CEO in strategic planning; developing implementation plans; setting priorities; and serving as acting CEO in their absence.
* Performs other assigned responsibilities as delegated by the CEO and/or assigned through the Board of Directors.

* The ideal candidate has a track record of demonstrated leadership, proven accomplishments, and established success in growing a company from a small to mid-size level.
* The candidate would also be familiar with an additive manufacturing based business with both hard and soft intellectual assets.
* Familiarity with equity evaluation of data driven companies is preferred.
* Must have strong leadership skills in organizational management, with soft skills to build and lead leaders.
* Must also be very positive, fair minded, caring, and have clear visions and is a clear communicator.
* A Bachelor's degree from an accredited four-year college with major coursework in business administration, engineering, or a closely related field is required. An MBA is highly desirable.
* Minimum experience requirements include fifteen years of recent and increasingly responsible administrative or managerial experience in a related industry. 

The ideal candidate must be knowledgeable about:
* The principles, practices, and methods of leadership in a fast pace technology organization, strategic planning, performance measurement, continuous quality improvement, policies and system development and implementation;
* The principles and practices necessary to manage a lean manufacturing operation.
* The principles and practices of effective leadership and staff supervision, including selection, training and development, dynamics of line-staff relationships, techniques of effective interpersonal communications and relations, effective problem-solving and decision-making techniques, planning and delegating work, performance evaluations, positive recognition methods, and progressive discipline;
The ideal candidate must be able to:
* Evaluate, monitor, and lead service improvements designed to facilitate organizational unity and the effective and efficient delivery of services;
* Initiate, develop, and implement goals, objectives, policies, procedures, work standards, and internal controls;
* Balance conflicting objectives and policies; diplomatically identify, negotiate and administer effective resolutions;
* Select, motivate, supervise, and constructively evaluate managers and staff;
* Maintain and exhibit discretion and integrity when handling sensitive information;
* Communicate effectively including strong written and oral communication skills;
* Provide effective leadership in a diversely staffed organization, consistent with executive direction and company principles and values;
* Represent the company in the community and markets including public relations and engagements;
* The selected candidate will be a confident leader and manager with strong interpersonal and staff relationships skills.
* Candidate must be a good listener, possess energy and enthusiasm, and is vision and mission driven.
* This person must be politically savvy, open to the ideas of others, flexible, able to think outside the "box," create partnerships, build consensus, and bring harmony and cohesion to the various interests of the company.
* The selected candidate must be fair in dealing with issues and people and possess professional, personal, and spiritual integrity, high moral standards, and strong ethics.
* Candidate must also be flexible to adapt to the changing workforce environment and engage staff in developing skills and attributes for future leadership roles.
* Other attributes include the ability to command and earn respect throughout all levels of the organization and in the community, be a team player with a "can do" attitude, and facilitate and resolve a variety of complex issues and challenges.

* Competitive salary
* Attractive benefits package


Job Description:
The Software Engineer will be responsible for the design, development, implementation and maintenance of software for the 3D Printer.

Create technical specifications and develop software solutions based upon the specifications
Design, develop and implement software and associated features on the 3D Printer
Design and develop user interfaces and application frameworks that support communication with the 3D Printer Hardware and Firmware, 3D print file placement, file viewing, file editing and assigning process values
Collaborate and work closely with Systems, Mechanical, Electrical and Process Engineers to develop and implement the software features desired by those Engineers
Perform design and code reviews, unit-tests and system integrations
Develop software requirements and software project plan
Support QA testing of the developed software
Participate in software alpha and beta test programs
3 to 5 years of experience in the relevant Engineering discipline

BS or MS in Computer Science or Computer Engineering
Three years of experience developing commercial software applications
Proficient in C#, .NET and C++
Excellent Object Oriented Design skills
Good knowledge of Operating Systems
Excellent knowledge of Embedded Systems
Good understanding of Communication Protocols
Experience with Application frameworks and design patterns
Experience with GUI Development using frameworks
Proficiency using modern software development processes, including software configuration management tools and defect tracking tools
Excellent documentation skills, communication skills and collaboration skills


Job Description:
The Process Engineer will be responsible for the development and optimization of processes for the 3D Printer and its Print technology involving new equipment and new materials.

Develop, optimize and test processes for 3D Print technology involving associated hardware, software, materials and post-processing
Understand the complex system interactions between the software, hardware and materials as they relate to the print process
Heavily interact with Materials, Software, Mechanical, Electrical and Optical Engineers, while developing and optimizing processes with variable parameters using statistical methods
Heavily participate in printer integration activities involving various Engineering disciplines
Design test plans and execute testing of the 3D Printer’s hardware, software and materials
Evaluate printer performance and suggest areas for improvement
Assist various Engineers to scale up hardware and materials for manufactureability
Independently conduct hands-on experiments and develop thorough reports on the research
Participate in software, hardware and materials alpha and beta test programs
3 to 5 years of experience in the relevant Engineering discipline

BS or MS in Chemical, Materials, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering
Strong analytical and problem solving skills to work on problems of diverse scope where analysis of data requires evaluation of multiple variables simultaneously
Experience in selecting methods and techniques for defining problems and obtaining solutions
Ability to identify the various abstract and concrete variables that control the process and determine and optimize the effect of those variables on the print process
Ability to partner with various Engineering cross functions and identify and report relevant problems
Experience and deep knowledge about statistics and process control
Ability to analyze the collected data and present the analysis in a statistical format
Ability to write reports, process guides and manuals
Strong communication, interpersonal and collaborative skills


Job Description:
The Systems Engineer will be responsible for the system and subsystem (electrical and mechanical) architecture and design of their 3D Printer including conception, analysis, design, integration, optimization and testing of the System.

Responsible for analysis, design, building and integration of mechanical and electrical systems and subsystems for the 3D Printer
Collaborate directly with other Engineers to specify system requirements, implement designs and troubleshoot issues
Participate in design and development of motion control systems, motor drive electronics and micro-processor boards
Conduct design review with other Engineers and prepare system design documents
Conceptualize test plans for end-to-end validation strategy around all design changes that affect the printing process
Provide support for electrical and mechanical systems and subsystems from concept through production
Identify appropriate vendors and build initial relationships for procurement
3 to 5 years of experience in the relevant Engineering discipline

BS or MS in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering
Proven experience in system requirements specification and design document preparation.
Strong knowledge of Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering principles, processes and tools
Knowledge in electrical subsystem design
Strong understanding and knowledge of motion control systems and electric motors like Stepper and Servo motors
Experience developing motor drive electronics for different motor types
Circuit board design experience utilizing micro-processor based hardware – preferred but not required
Ability to develop low level firmware for processor based control boards
Project management capabilities - Ability to lead tasks, prioritizing actions, time management
Experience with CAD is required (preferably with SolidWorks)
Hands on attitude with the ability to operate standard soldering and electrical test equipment
Excellent documentation skills, communication skills and collaboration skills

If you are interested in applying for one or more of these positions, please respond with a resume. Referrals and recommendations are also welcomed.

Best Regards,

Nicholas Meyler
President/GM, Technology
Wingate Dunross, Inc.
ph (818)597-3200 ext. 211
<nickm at>

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