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Olivia cox oliviacox99 at
Wed Nov 16 13:40:13 UTC 2016


I wanted to quickly reach out to you. I’m on and wanted to
share a few particular observations I had. I think I can help your company
leverage a few things (such as exposure/conversion, etc) to help the bottom

Just for the record: I work with consultants who have strong track, and
case studies to back it.

Would you be open to having them conduct a Thorough Web Vision Roadmap to
showcase these insights? It won’t cost a thing, and at the very least,
you’ll come away with a new perspective.

All I’d need to get started is to know the best line to briefly connect, as
well as the best time.

Interested to gather your thoughts,


Best Regards,
Olivia Cox
E-mail: oliviacox99 at
Skype: venexwebtech
Ph: +1 562 999 4304

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