errata for FreeBSD Handbook, Section 14.6 OpenSSL

Robert Bonomi bonomi at
Mon Nov 17 21:07:25 UTC 2014

Current text reads:

  FreeBSD provides two versions of OpenSSL: one in the base system and one in 
  the Ports Collection. Users can choose which version to use by default for 
  other ports using the following knobs:

  WITH_OPENSSL_PORT: when set, the port will use OpenSSL from the 
  security/openssl port, even if the version in the base system is up to date 
  or newer.

  WITH_OPENSSL_BASE: when set, the port will compile against OpenSSL 
  provided by the base system.

The meaning of 'knobs' is _not_ clear -- if one reads this section alone. 
A simple edit, changing both occurances of 
   'when set, the port will'
   'when this environment variable is set, any port build will'
makes it absolutely clear (on a stand-alone basis) what the 'knob' is, and 
what it affects.

I had a GAWDAFUL time trying to build 'mplayer', in *small* part because of
this (nghttp2 build abords 'OpenSSL 1.0.1+ required, even when OpenSSL 1.0.1j'
is installed -- apparently it finds the base version _first_, and doesn't 
check for the ports version.  it should be smart enough to check for both,
if the first check comes up 'not recent enough', and if either library _is_ 
'new enough' use  that one, possibly requesting confirmation if more than
one version is found.  *snarl* ), and in large part because there are 
_circular_ dependencies among some of the 'mplayer' dependencies
     {and one more whose name escapes me}

I appear to have gotten things beaten into submission, by installing 'packages'
for curl, cmake and nghttp2 and _then_ trying the port build, but it *HAS* been
a major (as in most of a _week_) battle.

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