FreeBSD Handbook section edits/issues

Winston wbe at
Sat Nov 1 20:42:59 UTC 2014

In the FreeBSD Handbook page at

as of 2014/11/01 17:20:42 GMT

in Section, Snapshot Rollback, please consider the
following changes:

1) Typo in paragraph 2 ("the first example"):

   The "ls /var/tmp" result of

   passwd	passwd.copy

   should be:

   passwd	passwd.copy	 vi.recover

   Otherwise the "ls /var/tmp" after the rm makes no sense.

2) Recommendation at the end of the first paragraph seems wrong:

   The last two sentences of the first paragraph say:

   "Taking a snapshot of the current state of the dataset before rolling
   back to a previous one is a good idea when some data is required
   later.  This way, the user can roll back and forth between snapshots
   without losing data that is still valuable."

   However, that appears to me to conflict with this:

   "This warning means that snapshots exist between the current state of
   the dataset and the snapshot to which the user wants to roll back.
   To complete the rollback, these snapshots must be deleted."

   Doing "zfs snapshot mypool/var/tmp at oops" would make the
   @diff_snapshot no longer the most recent.  If
   zfs rollback mypool/var/tmp/@diff_snapshot does indeed require
   deleting the more recent @oops snapshot, then making that snapshot was
   a waste of time.  In particular, the earlier claim that "the user can
   roll back and forth between snapshots" seems untrue.

   Please clarify the document or fix.


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