Possible mistake on handbook - Section 30.7: Link Aggregation

Dru Lavigne dru.lavigne at att.net
Mon Mar 31 14:01:18 UTC 2014

>Dne 29.3.2014 3:32, Thomas Hoffmann napsal(a):
>>> I was reading the handbook and stumbled upon the following sentence:
>>> "Failover allows traffic to continue to flow even if an interface becomes
>>> available."
>> Also, does "an interface" convey what we need here? For any given N-way
>> aggregation, can't we have N-1 (one or more, but not all) interfaces become
>> unavailable and still have a working link?
>And Cpt. Obvious may add an interface is not enough, you can have four 
>interfaces aggregated in the bond, but there is still no flow without a 
>link. To add even more chaos, both the physical and virtual interfaces 
>are mentioned in the sentence preceding the one which Rafael mentions.
>That said, what about something like following?
>Failover allows traffic to continue to flow if at least one aggregated 
>network interface has link established.

I've commited an edit in r44394. Please let me know if further wordsmithing is needed to make it clearer.

Thanks Rafael for pointing this out!



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