Unique, turn-key fundraising solutions for your organization

Gretchen Parker gretchen at shoes4funds.co
Thu Mar 27 15:38:21 UTC 2014

                               [1]F2O Website

    [2]Funds2Orgs is a social enterprise that offers real, relevant, and
    engaging fundraising strategies to churches, nonprofits, schools, and
    civic groups. Through shoe drive fundraisers, your organization could
                     exceed your 2014 fundraising goals!

                    Engage your volunteers Collect Shoes

   Engage your volunteers and get started collecting gently worn, used

   Collect shoes! We provide the bags and rubber bands to get you started.

                 We'll pick them up Get ready for your check

   Call us and we will arrange pick-up of the shoes - it's easy for you!

   Your check will help further promote the mission of your organization.

                                 F2O Website

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