docs/187465: mention patchlevels in explaining security advisories

Allan Jude freebsd at
Wed Mar 19 22:30:02 UTC 2014

The following reply was made to PR docs/187465; it has been noted by GNATS.

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Subject: Re: docs/187465: mention patchlevels in explaining security advisories
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2014 18:21:20 -0400

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 Minor edits to the patch
 - Fix whitespace in patch it self
 - Add double space after periods
 - Improve explaination
 - Minor grammar changes
 Note: I noticed while editing this callouts appears to be broken. Filed
 a separate PR:
 Allan Jude
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 Index: handbook/security/chapter.xml
 --- handbook/security/chapter.xml	(revision 44271)
 +++ handbook/security/chapter.xml	(working copy)
 @@ -3284,7 +3284,15 @@
  	<callout arearefs="co-corrected">
  	  <para>The <literal>Corrected</literal> field indicates the
  	    date, time, time offset, and release that was
 -	    corrected.</para>
 +	    corrected.  The section in parentheses shows each branch
 +	    to which the fix has been merged, and the version number
 +	    of the corresponding release from that branch.  The
 +	    release identifier itself, includes the version number
 +	    and, if appropriate, the patch level.  The patch level is
 +	    the letter <literal>p</literal> followed by a number,
 +	    indicating the sequence number of the patch, allowing
 +	    users to track which patches have already been applied to
 +	    the system.</para>
  	<callout arearefs="co-cve">

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