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Dear Colleagues,

Archimedes died more than 2 200 years ago. Most people think that, even if he is considered to be one of the greatest geniuses of all time,
everything he did, no matter how clever he was, has been long ago incorporated by modern science, and that he belongs to the past.

But this is not true at all, as this book shows. Two main ideas, namely what we call "Archimedes Maps" and what he called himself "the Method",
lead to completely new approaches to modern day scientific and social problems, with far more powerful tools than the ones which were later produced by other means.
Archimedes Maps are the key to many of our modern concerns: optimal allocation of resources, monitoring and surveillance.

Lost for more than 2 000 years, the "Weighing Method" provides - when correctly understood - extremely efficient tools in various areas of mathematics and physics:
probability theory, optics, systems of polynomial equations, nondestructive testing, and many others.

In order to learn more about the book and see an order form, please see:
In order to see the readers' comments, including the two reviews recently published by the Bulletin, Irish Math. Society, please see:
The book can be bought on line.
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