How to read HTML file in FreeBSD(base system)

Warren Block wblock at
Sun Mar 9 14:30:14 UTC 2014

On Sat, 8 Mar 2014, Julian Elischer wrote:

> On 3/8/14, 5:26 AM, Eduardo Morras wrote:
>> On Sat, 8 Mar 2014 14:36:16 +0800
>> by <free7by at> wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I use FreeBSD 10.0 RELEASE now, and I just install the base system,
>>> but I add doc when I install FreeBSD, so there are some docs in my
>>> system, and they are HTML files, so I want to ask that does FreeBSD
>>> provide some utilities to read HTML file in terminal?
>>> You may say w3m is a good choice : )
>>> I have use it before, it is a great web browser in CLI, and its use
>>> experience is like vi : ) But I must install it from ports or src by
>>> myself, so does FreeBSD provide some utilities in base system to
>>> implement that?
>> I think no one has answered your original question. No, there's no browser 
>> in Base to read FreeBSD Base documentation in HTML. You must install 
>> something from ports always. If you want install w3m as pkg, pkg must be 
>> installed from ports first.
> Base documentation is derived from  sources which can also deliver other 
> media types.
> Try formatting them as text. A Doc team member can probably tell you how to 
> do that.

The XML documents like the Handbook can be built as text with
   make FORMATS=txt

Building the documents from source requires installation of the 
textproc/docproj metaport.  Text versions are generated from the HTML 
version with www/links using -dump.

But if www/links is installed, the HTML versions can be read directly:
   links book.html

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